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In monyprocious gifts givon by Mother Nature to human life. Sait isone of the best.In the globe,Himalayan Sait Rang Punjab-Pakistan is one of the ideal locations for producing sait.Himalayo's climate, sail and availobility of natural rock sait are a great assot for producing quality saits products.
Orient Corporation was estoblished in 2000. We concentrote mainly in manutocture and export Himalayan Rock Sait Hondicrafts. Rock Sait Lampos and ollied products. In oddition to that we are manufocturing and exporting of edible and industrial grode common saits in buik.

our management

Sadaf de Sports is a Professionally managed company whose aim is to provide the best quality of Sportswear and garments to its customers. From small workers to the Directors of the company, all of them are dedicated to provide you top-quality product as soon as possible.

Our team is made of dynamic designers, product developers, engineers and researchers to produce the highest quality of sportswear and garment. Whether you have a small order or a large one, we never compromise on quality.

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Initially we started sait lamp manufocturing than we expanded our domain to the manufacturing of edible and industrial saits.
The milestones in our success story includes.
2000 - Manufacturing of Sait lamps and allied products.
2000 - Manufacturing of Edible Sait[renavated Stain Less Steel Edible Sait Piant]
2000= Manufacturing of Industrial sait.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you achieve your mission; your mission to stay fit, your mission to stay classy, your mission to become an athlete, your mission to be a sportsman. This is the reason we provide a wide range of Sportswear, Casual wear and Fitness wear for both men and women.

We commit to manufacture products of excellent quality to meet our customer’s requirements and expectations all over the world. Stay focused and stay ahead of everyone with our superior range of sportswear and garments.

Awards & Certificates

BID International Quality Sammit [Awarded in New York USA 2009]
Qualitysummit Gold Award for Excellence and Business Prostige[ Awarded in Now York USA 2009]
QC 100 Corparation Management Model - Commitment of crient Carporotion to Quality [ Awarded in Now York USA 2009]
QMS: ISO 9001= 2008 by Bureau Veritas.
HACCP Certification by Buroou Veritas.

Quality Policy

Quality means that the customer needs has to be satisfied completely. Quality is of prime importance in any type of business. Customers demand and expect the value for their money. We aim to maintain our leading position in Sportswear industry by satisfying our customer’s needs and expectations through consistent quality products made by Modern R&D facilities.

Sadaf de Sports is a gathering of exceedingly gifted experts who produce and export quality Sports Wear, Casual wear and Fitness wear around the world. Our unit is completely prepared to deliver top quality sportswear and garments throughout the world.

  • Training the employees to meet the customer needs and for continuous improvement in the buying process.
  • Adapting to the modern technologies to buy and export earlier than the prescribed time.
  • Achieving excellence by inspiring team work.
  • Top-quality, Competitive price and Just-in-time delivery.
  • Raw Material bought to the acceptable international standards.
  • To be a trustworthy and leading sportswear manufacturer in the world by providing top-quality products.


Orsent corporation is having one acre of land at Himalayan Sit Rango in Pakistan Our foctory is very near to Warcha Sait Mines one of the oldest sait mine in Pakistan. The ideal climates and sait of Himalayan mountion range are very suitable in maufacturing quality saits.

Orient corporation sait field is well connected with highway.
A well-buitt infratructure in combination with a skillful wordarce of mere then 100 people farms the foundation for out growth and success. Our compony is lead by professionally quality and experienced team who are customer
Our Head office is location in the heart of panjab province, which is an important trade hub of sub-continent.
Every department of our company is headed by experts who are well qualified and experienced in their respective fields.
Our branch networks are interlinked with the straight of the art information technology network.
We have orocle based customer defined computerized software for human resources and finance Accounts & materical mangement departments.
We mainly focus on production of high qual8ity saits.
Our quality control and quality assurance always ens ures hygienic and high-grade produce withen the desired time.
We have plant and monchinery based on the latest resecrch ie stain less steel which is totaly rust free.
We using hygienic standard in pocking and stitching
We are supplying our products round the globo whit full confidence

these foctors help us to maintain the quality of our saits products. We are having our own transport division, whish help us to deliver our products safely ans timely to our volued clients clients and most importantly it is cost offective.

Commitment and Excellence

At Sadaf de Sports, we want to establish long-term relationships with our customers that is why we coordinate with you on every step of manufacturing your product. We won’t be happy until you are happy. With our customer’s happiness, we also care about the impact we will be having on the rest of the world. We take each and every client very seriously because if they are not satisfied, they will never come again. We choose our actions very carefully to build a trustworthy relation with our customer. We commit only what we believe we can provide. No fake promises and No fake products. This is what makes us a leading sportswear manufacturer in the world.

Why Choose us?

Sadaf de Sports is a leading Sportswear manufacturer throughout the world. This is not what we say, it’s what our clients say.

High quality Fabrics

We carefully use the best quality of fabrics for manufacturing our Sportswear, Casual Wear and Fitness wear products. All of the fabrics are carefully tested before they can be used in the manufacturing process.


All manufacturing processes, cuts, further editing and grading of sizes originates our professional staff with CAD software. Products and their samples are fabricated mainly by our experienced team in our own sewing department.


To successfully fulfill our customer’s demands from all over the world, we have our own well-equipped design studio. Here we create designs according to the customer’s needs and also production sheets required for the smooth production and delivery at term.

Quality Control

Before dispatch, all products are checked if they match the quality control management system. Before packing, each product is labeled with its description, size, etc. Then we follow overall visual inspection, accounting documentation and shipping to the customer.

Appropriate Management

Regardless of how big a customer is, we always provide the best customer support to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of experts consistently coordinate with you from the start of your manufacturing till it has been shipped. You will never be left alone after placing your order. We are not just manufacturing your products, we are here to build a good relationship with you. So, whenever you are in need we will be on the top of your list. Excellent support is what makes a company trustworthy and reliable.

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